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One of the GERSL objectives is scientific research and dissemination of information. Since 1988 the GERSL published series of scientific magazines and books most of which are available online for personal viewing only.

Important notice: all GERSL publications are subject to intellectual property rights and protected by the law.

Some of the following publications are available in PDF format.

mar-maroun-al-asiMar Maroun Al Asi
liban-souterrain-1Liban Souterrain 1
liban-souterrain-2Liban Souterrain 2
liban-souterrain-3Liban Souterrain 3
liban-souterrain-4Liban Souterrain 4
liban-souterrain-5Liban Souterrain 5
momies-du-libanMomies du Liban
mar-barsaum-frMar Barsaum (Fr)
Download (PDF)
mar-barsaum-engMar Barsaum (Eng)
Download (PDF)
Download (PDF)
mart-shmuniMart Shmuni
Download (PDF)