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Céramique St Stéphane

Note sur la céramique de l’Ermitage Saint‐Stéphane, Qadisha (Liban) Grace Homsy‐Gottwalles La quantité de matériel céramique recueilli lors de la prospection d’une caverne baptisée « Ermitage Saint‐Stéphane », dans la …

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3 Dimensional view showing the hermitage in Mar Lichaa

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A breakthrough in the Qadisha انجاز كبير في وادي قاديشا

A rupestrian hermitage located in the cliff overlooking Mar Lichaa Monastery. The site is located in a 300m meters cliff without any visible access to it; seven attempts were needed …

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New explorations in Qadisha Valley

The GERSL is investigating a series of caves,  difficult of access, located in the cliff in the vicinity of Hadshit village; the 25 meters climbing attempt to one of the …

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Letter from the Ministry of Culture

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تدشين جدرانيات كنيسة القديسة مارت شمونة في وادي حولات – حدشيت

 لمشاهدة صور الجدرانيات و قرائة الشروحات إضغط هنا حدشيت 2-8-2013 صاحب السيادة المطران مارون العمّار، حضرة رئيس بلديّة حدشيت الأستاذ إيلي حمصي، حضرة كاهن رعيّة حدشيت الأب طوني الآغا، أيّها الحضور …

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Chrétiens Orientaux – Vallée Qadisha

In April 2013, France 2, the French TV channel, invited the GERSL to collaborate in the production of a 30 minutes documentary on the Qadisha Valley.  The aim was to …

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Baatara Sinkhole

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Tim Rtiba – Laqluq

This cave was first discovered and explored by the GERSL in 1991 which was stopped by a blowing impenetrable crack. The  geological study revealed the importance of this cave and  …

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Hermitages – Qadisha Valley

Exploration of Hermitages & Shelters in the high cliffs of the Qadisha Valley. إكتشاف نوعي في وادي قاديشا يلقي الضوء على طريقة جديدة في التنسّك منذ أن تأسّست الجمعيّة اللبنانيّة …

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