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New explorations in Qadisha Valley

The GERSL is investigating a series of caves,  difficult of access, located in the cliff in the vicinity of Hadshit village; the 25 meters climbing attempt to one of the …

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Letter from the Ministry of Culture

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تدشين جدرانيات كنيسة القديسة مارت شمونة في وادي حولات – حدشيت

 لمشاهدة صور الجدرانيات و قرائة الشروحات إضغط هنا حدشيت 2-8-2013 صاحب السيادة المطران مارون العمّار، حضرة رئيس بلديّة حدشيت الأستاذ إيلي حمصي، حضرة كاهن رعيّة حدشيت الأب طوني الآغا، أيّها الحضور …

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Chrétiens Orientaux – Vallée Qadisha

In April 2013, France 2, the French TV channel, invited the GERSL to collaborate in the production of a 30 minutes documentary on the Qadisha Valley.  The aim was to …

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Baatara Sinkhole

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Tim Rtiba – Laqluq

This cave was first discovered and explored by the GERSL in 1991 which was stopped by a blowing impenetrable crack. The  geological study revealed the importance of this cave and  …

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Hermitages – Qadisha Valley

Exploration of Hermitages & Shelters in the high cliffs of the Qadisha Valley. إكتشاف نوعي في وادي قاديشا يلقي الضوء على طريقة جديدة في التنسّك منذ أن تأسّست الجمعيّة اللبنانيّة …

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Gueralta Mountains – Ethiopia

Following  a reconnaissance trip carried out in 2012, the GERSL is preparing an expedition to fully survey and study the rupestrian sites of Gueralta mountains. For more information please visit …

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Technical Training

GERSL members participate in three technical training (2011 – 2012) organized by Association Libanaise d’Etudes Spéléologiques (ALES) in collaboration with Ecole Française de Spéléologie (EFS) and Fédération Française de Spéléologie (FFL) …

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Asi l Hadath Lebanon – History of a Grotto

The book was published by Phoenix Center for Lebanese studies, university of USEK, 2011. The book has 316 pages with English and Arabic text. Its content includes photos of the …

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