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كتاب جديد عن تاريخ جبّة بشرّي

تأليف فادي بارودي والدكتور بيار مكرزلمسائل في تاريخ جبّة بشرّي في الحقبتين الفرنجيّة والمملوكيّة (1109-1516م)، بيروت، 2023.صور الجداريَّات والكتابات التّي ورد ذكرها في الكتاب: 1- جداريَّات كنيسة مارت شموني- حدشيت: …

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Le Figaro Magazine / 15 -04- 2022

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We Lost a Member – Joe Akiki

Writing in memory of a team member is one of the most difficult probes I have ever been tasked to do; It is even more so, when he is also …

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Mar-Maroun Al-Asi

 Mar-Maroun Al-Asi  Hirmel 

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وسام الإستحقاق اللبناني

Medal of Merit to Fadi Baroudy. His Excellency president Michel Aoun has bestowed the Lebanese Medal of Merit to Mr. Fadi Baroudy, president of the Groupe d’Etudes et de Recherches …

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Silence : les momies dorment

Pour la première fois, Maryam, Yasmine et Sadaka sont exposées au musée. Reposant dans une pièce qui leur assure de bonnes conditions de conservation, elles font partie des huit momies …

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Training In France – Diplôme d’Initiateur Fédéral de Spéléologie

During the month of October 2015 two members from GERSL, Akram Bechara and Boutros Bou Tannous, participated successfully in a training in France with the “Ecole Française de Spéléologie”. The training took …

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Training In France

During the month of October 2014 a team from GERSL has participated in a training in France with the Fédération Française de spéléologie. The training took place at Aiguebonne (vallée …

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Houet-l-Jalid & Houet-l-Hamra

A number of sinkholes located in Nwehir – Jerd Ehden – Northern Lebanon, were discovered and explored by the GERSL during summer 2014. The Underground development ranges from 20 meters …

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Balou’ Khenchara

During the urban planning project done for the Municipality of Khenchara, GERSL was notified about the existence of several cavities and sinkholes that are needed to be explored and documented. …

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