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GERSL Recruitment and Training 2017

As part of GERSL continuing progress and promoting underground exploration, being a home for cavers, adventurers and explorers ; GERSL had opened door for new members and young cave enthusiasts to join the club family.
For that, the club formed a Recruitment and training committee that had the responsibility of planning, preparing and completing the Recruitment process for all who wish to experience the underground exploration and join the club. The process of recruitment progressed through the following steps:

  1. Registration period: The recruitment started by the registration period that was scheduled during January and February 2017. The training committee recorded and collected all application that was submitted to the club at a total of 38 applications. 
  2. First meeting and introduction session: All applicants were invited to for a first meeting, where they met with the club members. During this session, GERSL president Mr. Fadi Baroudy presented a brief introduction about caving in Lebanon and to GERSL club history and contribution to Lebanon’s heritage.
  3. Training Program: as a main part of the recruitment process, the recruitment and training committee planned a training program Named:“GERSL Introduction to Underground and Caving Technique Training Program” this program was custom designed by GERSL with a main Objective of giving the new members the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to experience the underground exploration in a safe and professional setting.
    the Training program was formed of 6 sessions as follow:

    1. Caving Introduction
    2. Single Rope Technique Introduction – SRT-1
    3. SRT-2
    4. SRT-3
    5. Underground 1
    6. Underground 2


  4. End of Training, Evaluation: By completing the 6 sessions successfully, new members would have concluded the GERSL Introduction to Underground and Caving Technique Training Program. The training was followed by a general evaluation of each trainee, where the Training committee evaluated and discussed the general participants performance, attitude, safety discipline and technical ability improvement.
  5. Invitation to Join the Club: All members who have successfully completed the 6 sessions have received an invitation from Club administration to join GERSL club as a full member, following that GERSL welcomed 8 new members to its family.