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We Lost a Member – Joe Akiki

Writing in memory of a team member is one of the most difficult probes I have ever been tasked to do; It is even more so, when he is also a neighbor and a friend; it is never easy to find the right words.

Most of us remember joe Akiki as a joyful, polite helpful and courteous person; always ready to help out… joe first joined our team 3 years ago. On the first training we all felt his engagement, always prepared to listen, learn, discuss and share ideas, he was simply an exceptional young man who saw life differently, and at all times ready to volunteer for a good cause. On our last outing, a week from the catastrophic blast, you were at the Fort of Tripoli helping out, with many of us, the Ministry of Culture staff in cleaning the high fortified walls of the Saint Gilles Castle; what a memorable day, made special with your team spirit and joyfulness.

Few days before the catastrophe we were supposed to meet and plan our upcoming expeditions, but that meeting never happened; I truly want to believe that it was one of God’s mysterious ways, maybe to make it easier on us to mourn his absence.

We are all very sadden, the loss in our hearts is too huge to bear, and we ask the Lord to bring to all of us consolation and peace during this painful time
Rest in Peace dear Joe- the GERSL will always miss you.

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