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Training In France

During the month of October 2014 a team from GERSL has participated in a training in France with the Fédération Française de spéléologie. The training took place at Aiguebonne (vallée …

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Houet-l-Jalid & Houet-l-Hamra

A number of sinkholes located in Nwehir – Jerd Ehden – Northern Lebanon, were discovered and explored by the GERSL during summer 2014. The Underground development ranges from 20 meters …

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Balou’ Khenchara

During the urban planning project done for the Municipality of Khenchara, GERSL was notified about the existence of several cavities and sinkholes that are needed to be explored and documented. …

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Céramique St Stéphane

Note sur la céramique de l’Ermitage Saint‐Stéphane, Qadisha (Liban) Grace Homsy‐Gottwalles La quantité de matériel céramique recueilli lors de la prospection d’une caverne baptisée « Ermitage Saint‐Stéphane », dans la …

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3 Dimensional view showing the hermitage in Mar Lichaa

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A breakthrough in the Qadisha انجاز كبير في وادي قاديشا

A rupestrian hermitage located in the cliff overlooking Mar Lichaa Monastery. The site is located in a 300m meters cliff without any visible access to it; seven attempts were needed …

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New explorations in Qadisha Valley

The GERSL is investigating a series of caves,  difficult of access, located in the cliff in the vicinity of Hadshit village; the 25 meters climbing attempt to one of the …

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