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Asi Hawqa – Fortified Cave

Located in North of Lebanon, Asi Hawqa is over hanged on a cliff to the right side of the Qadisha valley and dominated by the Hawqa village.

GERSL was fortunate to discover this historical cave in 1988, where significant findings were revealed: the oldest Christian Arabic inscription in Mount Lebanon dated back to the 1193 A.D.; the GERSL undertook the process of documenting and archiving the findings, in addition to the historical and archaeological research.

Dimensions: total length is 213 m, with ceiling height varying between 2 to 13 m due to the different cross sectional formations; this cave is located in the middle of a cliff of 80 m height.

Difficulty: due to the Steep cliff and harsh environment, the access to this cave is considered difficult.

Significant Notes: this cave includes ancient inscriptions, frescoes and a built-in rock water tank.

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