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Saydet Hawqa – Rupestrian Monastery

Saydet Hawqa is a rupestrian monastery located to the west of Asi-Hawqa; The site was built in 1283, following the destruction of the fortified cave of Asi-Hawqa, by a peasant from the village of Ban; during the 17th century (1624 – 1633), the monastery was used by Maronite patriarch as a seminar.

Two decades ago, after an undetermined period of abandon, the site was re-occupied transforming the Monastery into a hermitage.
The access trail to this built vernacular heritage, is somewhat easy but quite vertiginous; it’s worth-noting the presence of speleological narrow cave, located in the upper part of the site, in which some 13th century artifacts were discovered (pottery & arrow head – Liban Souterrain 1).
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